'The Last Airbender' In-Depth Review

Many people consider The Last Airbender to be the worst film ever made.

I agree with them.

Not because it is technically the worst, but because it was such a disappointment in comparison to the incredible animated series it is based on. Now, plenty of people have torn into this movie on YouTube, but I wanted to take a look back at this movie and see what aspiring writers and directors can learn from it.

In Part One, I take a look at the biggest writing problem in the film: exposition.

The film is mired in expository dialogue which makes the characters boring and saps the film of forward momentum. To figure out how to create compelling, explanatory dialogue, I take a look at movies like Inception, Terminator and Back to the Future.

Part Two is all about directing. Despite his previous achomplishments, Shyamalan consistently makes some very amateurish mistakes when filming this movie, especially when it comes to action scenes.

Finally, in Part Three, I take a look at the final third of the movie as well as the lasting impact the failure of the film had on the franchise.

Warning: it gets sad!

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